About Us

Established at 17/05/2016, Reg. No- 715, from new delhi, SHREYA FOUNDATION is one of the eminent non-profit organisations engaged in providing a better future to the underprivileged girls. We make efforts to reduce the miseries faced by the children in the capital. Education is the basis of development; thus, we provide education to the girls in order to enhance their as well as the future of the country. A woman is the creator of this beautiful world and we make sure that she gets a respectful life.

Our organisation is dedicated to work for the overall improvement of girls including education, sanitation, health, income generation, AIDS awareness and other major issues. We make the underprivileged girl children capable so that they can compete and come at-par with this fast growing community.

Girl gives a shape to this civilisation; hence, our NGO works hard to provide better health, education and shelter to them. We have a team of teachers, medical practitioners and other volunteers, who whole heartedly work for the betterment of deprived girls. We also focus on providing proper medical facilities to the children. With the assistance of the volunteers, we have been able to arrange the basic necessities for the girls. Our team members work to stop exploitation against girl child. We work as a team for the betterment of impoverished girls.

Project Zindagi

Life is precious and cannot be put a price tag on. None will ever be able to evaluate what the life of one person is worth but in life, we are often faced with circumstances where there is a price attached to saving someone’s life. Poverty is one of the worst evils known to India today and many are falling into its grip day by day to such an extent that even two square meals are too much to ask for. For people living under such circumstances, a life threatening disease like cancer, brain tumour or a hole in the heart can mean the end of an era. For people who can barely afford food, filling hospital bills is unfathomable.

Have you ever felt helpless in not being able to save a loved one’s life? We are sure that noSuhana one wants anyone in that position and everyone would try to help anyone in need. SHREYA FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that makes sure that no one feels helpless when a loved one is in need of financial and emotional support.


Shiksha Mission

We want to Inspire people. We want these Children to look at us in future and say, Thank You Prayaas Corps Because of you, We didnt give up Shiksha Mission @Jawahar Circle @9 AM 11AM. I Am Kalam movie was shown to the kids, so as to make every lil kid like Kalam Sir! Owner of Bansal Hospital, Raipur visited our Shiksha Movements Jawahar Circle Centre and donated 35 Books, Stationeries and offered every kind of Medical help for the lil kids.

  • 17th June, 17, 08:00am - 12:00pm
  • Raipur


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